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(as from 7 Dec 2015, this site is no longer regularly updated)

 TypeSeatingNr of
Days with
Max flights
per day
G-BNLF744Mid-J2341311 Jun5 Dec3
G-BNLJ744Mid-J2611521 Jun5 Dec3
G-BNLK744Hi-J2461411 Jun5 Dec3
G-BNLN744Hi-J2651531 Jun4 Dec4
G-BNLO744Hi-J2451331 Jun5 Dec5
G-BNLP744Hi-J2601521 Jun5 Dec4
G-BNLV744Mid-J2421421 Jun5 Dec3
G-BNLW744Mid-J1961091 Jun5 Nov2
G-BNLX744Mid-J2121191 Jun5 Nov2
G-BNLY744Mid-J2681581 Jun5 Dec3
G-BNWA763SH4871401 Jun5 Dec5
G-BNWB763SH5211466 Jun3 Dec6
G-BNWI763LH2741431 Jun5 Dec4
G-BNWM763LH3211751 Jun5 Dec5
G-BNWS763LH3121771 Jun5 Dec4
G-BNWT763LH2801611 Jun5 Dec4
G-BNWV763LH187921 Jun28 Sep4
G-BNWW763LH3111681 Jun5 Dec4
G-BNWX763SH5671661 Jun5 Dec5
G-BNWY763LH3051721 Jun1 Dec4
G-BNWZ763SH5901661 Jun1 Dec6
G-BYGA744Hi-J3011711 Jun5 Dec4
G-BYGB744Hi-J2821541 Jun5 Dec4
G-BYGC744Hi-J2951701 Jun5 Dec3
G-BYGD744Hi-J2631531 Jun5 Dec4
G-BYGE744Hi-J2621511 Jun26 Nov3
G-BYGF744Hi-J2761601 Jun4 Dec4
G-BYGG744Hi-J2761661 Jun5 Dec3
G-BZHA763SH5631641 Jun5 Dec5
G-BZHB763SH5701691 Jun4 Dec6
G-BZHC763SH4241254 Jul5 Dec5
G-CIVA744Mid-J2211331 Jun5 Dec2
G-CIVB744Mid-J2761611 Jun5 Dec3
G-CIVC744Mid-J2651551 Jun5 Dec3
G-CIVD744Mid-J2721592 Jun5 Dec3
G-CIVE744Mid-J2851601 Jun5 Dec3
G-CIVF744Hi-J2331301 Jun5 Dec3
G-CIVG744Hi-J2651493 Jun5 Dec4
G-CIVH744Hi-J2831631 Jun25 Nov3
G-CIVI744Hi-J2951681 Jun5 Dec4
G-CIVJ744Mid-J2871581 Jun4 Dec3
G-CIVK744Mid-J167981 Jun30 Nov2
G-CIVL744Mid-J24913518 Jun5 Dec2
G-CIVM744Hi-J2721541 Jun5 Dec3
G-CIVN744Mid-J2941621 Jun5 Dec3
G-CIVO744Hi-J2561451 Jun5 Dec4
G-CIVP744Mid-J2571481 Jun5 Dec3
G-CIVR744Hi-J2331341 Jun5 Dec4
G-CIVS744Hi-J1791022 Jun5 Dec3
G-CIVT744Mid-J2541472 Jun5 Dec3
G-CIVU744Mid-J2441391 Jun5 Dec4
G-CIVV744Hi-J2631551 Jun5 Dec3
G-CIVW744Hi-J2511432 Jun28 Nov4
G-CIVX744Hi-J2391361 Jun4 Dec4
G-CIVY744Hi-J2631541 Jun5 Dec3
G-CIVZ744Hi-J2601481 Jun5 Dec3
G-DBCA3191119 Aug19 Aug1
G-DBCB3193252 Jul6 Jul8
G-DBCC31933723 Sep19 Oct6
G-DBCD319117 Jun7 Jun1
G-DBCG31936614 Jun7 Jul7
G-DBCI3191126 Jun26 Jun1
G-DBCJ3191128 Jul28 Jul1
G-DBCK31913421 Jun24 Sep6
G-EUOA3199161771 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUOB3191943925 Oct5 Dec7
G-EUOC3199811851 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUOD3192875817 Aug29 Nov8
G-EUOE3192024026 Oct5 Dec7
G-EUOF3199951841 Jun3 Dec8
G-EUOG3199931831 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUOH3199831861 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUOI3199841821 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUPA3199461751 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUPB3199101711 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUPC31910171851 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUPD3199941831 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUPE3199511811 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUPF3199081691 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUPG31910061851 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUPH3198201521 Jun2 Dec9
G-EUPJ3199901821 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUPK3199801831 Jun5 Dec9
G-EUPL3199231701 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUPM31910171861 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUPN3198881691 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUPO3199701821 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUPP31910001871 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUPR3199891841 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUPS3198571641 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUPT31910071881 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUPU31910031831 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUPV31910151861 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUPW3199371752 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUPX31910081881 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUPY3196611221 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUPZ3198551611 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUUA3207061641 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUUB3207621711 Jun5 Dec9
G-EUUC3207441691 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUUD3206791621 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUUE3207201721 Jun4 Dec7
G-EUUF3207621701 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUUG3207391721 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUUH3207921781 Jun4 Dec8
G-EUUI3207301661 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUUJ3208151821 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUUK3208361851 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUUL3208171841 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUUM3208191811 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUUN3208281821 Jun4 Dec8
G-EUUO3207761748 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUUP3207521651 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUUR3206511361 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUUS3207741751 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUUT3208181801 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUUU32074017015 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUUV3207721761 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUUW3206981541 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUUX3207321641 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUUY3208061841 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUUZ3208221861 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUXC3218031801 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUXD3217901771 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUXE3217481721 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUXF3215711361 Jun4 Dec7
G-EUXG3218021821 Jun2 Dec8
G-EUXH3217981811 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUXI3218181821 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUXJ3217721771 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUXK3217351701 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUXL3217301691 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUXM3217661741 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUYA3208181841 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUYB3207611737 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUYC3208671845 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUYD3207571691 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUYE3208151731 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUYF3208451861 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUYG3207761741 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUYH3208001781 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUYI3208351851 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUYJ3207201691 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUYK3208081841 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUYL3208261861 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUYM3207241581 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUYN3206371471 Jun3 Dec7
G-EUYO3208441821 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUYP3208331791 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUYR3208521821 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUYS3208521831 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUYT3208251841 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUYU3208031701 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUYV3208981861 Jun5 Dec8
G-EUYW3208761881 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUYX3208441831 Jun5 Dec7
G-EUYY3208321841 Jun4 Dec8
G-MEDF3214481811 Jun5 Dec5
G-MEDG3213771701 Jun5 Dec5
G-MEDJ3214151811 Jun2 Dec5
G-MEDK32022225 Jun3 Dec1
G-MEDL3213981671 Jun5 Dec7
G-MEDM3214371871 Jun5 Dec5
G-MEDN3214181871 Jun5 Dec6
G-MEDU3214221861 Jun5 Dec5
G-MIDO3208541811 Jun5 Dec8
G-MIDS3208241801 Jun5 Dec7
G-MIDT3207651661 Jun4 Dec7
G-MIDX3208591821 Jun5 Dec9
G-MIDY3207171541 Jun5 Dec8
G-POWDnkn48920 Jun24 Jul6
G-RAES77214 F3261751 Jun5 Dec4
G-STBA77W14 F2651421 Jun3 Dec3
G-STBB77W14 F2721471 Jun5 Dec2
G-STBC77W14 F2541362 Jun5 Dec2
G-STBD77W14 F2591372 Jun5 Dec3
G-STBE77W14 F2631351 Jun5 Dec2
G-STBF77W14 F2511321 Jun5 Dec4
G-STBG77W14 F2531361 Jun5 Dec4
G-STBH77W14 F2701431 Jun5 Dec2
G-STBI77W14 F2501343 Jun5 Dec2
G-STBJ77W14 F2491331 Jun3 Dec2
G-STBK77W2691391 Jun5 Dec2
G-STBL77W2791461 Jun4 Dec2
G-TTOB3206931641 Jun5 Dec7
G-TTOE3206951651 Jun5 Dec7
G-VIIA77214 F3241733 Jun5 Dec4
G-VIIB77214 F3241711 Jun5 Dec4
G-VIIC77214 F3351781 Jun5 Dec4
G-VIID77214 F3441801 Jun5 Dec4
G-VIIE77214 F3501811 Jun5 Dec4
G-VIIF77214 F3531781 Jun4 Dec4
G-VIIG77214 F3091661 Jun5 Dec4
G-VIIH77214 F3201701 Jun5 Dec4
G-VIIJ77214 F3231731 Jun5 Dec4
G-VIIK77214 F3431811 Jun5 Dec4
G-VIIL77214 F3381721 Jun5 Dec4
G-VIIM77214 F2711441 Jun5 Dec4
G-VIIN77214 F3371782 Jun5 Dec4
G-VIIS77214 F3461811 Jun5 Dec4
G-VIIX77214 F23512110 Jun14 Nov4
G-XLEA38019211521 Jun5 Dec2
G-XLEB3802001141 Jun4 Dec3
G-XLEC3801931112 Jun5 Dec2
G-XLED3802391371 Jun5 Dec3
G-XLEE3802281331 Jun5 Dec2
G-XLEF3802441371 Jun5 Dec3
G-XLEG3802391391 Jun5 Dec2
G-XLEH3802321321 Jun5 Dec3
G-XLEI3802331342 Jun5 Dec3
G-XLEJ380211214 Nov4 Dec2
G-YMMA772No F2481392 Jun5 Dec2
G-YMMB772No F2461421 Jun5 Dec3
G-YMMC772No F2741521 Jun4 Dec2
G-YMMD772No F2691541 Jun5 Dec2
G-YMME772No F1891051 Jun3 Dec2
G-YMMF772No F2561401 Jun1 Dec3
G-YMMG77212 F2681491 Jun4 Dec3
G-YMMH77212 F2621511 Jun5 Dec3
G-YMMI77212 F2761561 Jun5 Dec3
G-YMMJ77212 F2621511 Jun5 Dec3
G-YMMK77212 F2721571 Jun5 Dec3
G-YMML77212 F2601481 Jun5 Dec3
G-YMMN77212 F2661531 Jun5 Dec4
G-YMMO77212 F2551431 Jun5 Dec3
G-YMMP77212 F2451382 Jun5 Dec3
G-YMMT772No F2861581 Jun5 Dec2
G-YMMU772No F2711533 Jun5 Dec3
G-ZBJA7873311831 Jun5 Dec3
G-ZBJB7872921661 Jun5 Dec3
G-ZBJC7873181771 Jun4 Dec3
G-ZBJD7873171801 Jun5 Dec3
G-ZBJE7873521871 Jun5 Dec3
G-ZBJF7873401831 Jun5 Dec3
G-ZBJG7873201771 Jun5 Dec3
G-ZBJH7873421871 Jun5 Dec2
G-ZBKA78976486 Oct5 Dec2
G-ZBKB789523625 Oct5 Dec2
G-ZBKC789483327 Oct2 Dec2
G-ZZZA77217 F3431811 Jun5 Dec4
G-ZZZB77217 F3421771 Jun5 Dec3
G-ZZZC77217 F3191661 Jun5 Dec4
Data up to date to 05 Dec 2015